Top 5 Questions Girls Should Never Ask Their Boyfriends

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1. Do you think I’m fat?

Seriously, there is no other question on Earth that men despise more. In reality, men hate answering this one because there is no actual correct answer to it. If a man answers “no” a woman is very likely to think he is lying just to protect her feelings. If he answers sincerely saying “No, but it will be nice if you lay off the chocolate sweets for a while” he could really hurt her. Just remember that men prefer confident women that do not look insecure or needy.

2. What the ….. is wrong with you?

If you ever attempt to emasculate and embarrass a man in public, especially in front of his friends and family, you should be aware of several things. First of all, men hate it. The nature of a man is to be dominant and in control. If you ever attempt to put him down in front of others be prepared to enter a new phase in your relationship. The ending one.

3. My ex did it, why can’t you?

Avoid using the words “ex” and “you” together unless you attempt to make a nice compliment to your guy. Men absolutely hate it if you compare them to other men, especially to your ex boyfriends.

4. Can I go out with you and your boys?

This brings up the points from question number 2. Even if you tag along with the sincerest of intentions, it’s still going to be quite inappropriate for you to invade his private time with his boys. If a guy wanted you to come, he would have asked. Men usually use the time with their best buddies to take a break from their relationship. It doesn’t mean 100% that he doesn’t like spending time with you but everyone needs a break from their loved one once in a while.

5. Can you call me when you arrive there and text me when you leave and call me before you go to bed?

Most men love calling and texting their women but whenever they actually want to. If you attempt to force and “educate” your man to do this on command then you will eventually start to fuel his resentment towards you. Wouldn’t you feel more secure if you give your man the chance to make his own choices how and when to notify you about his affection?


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