Top 5 Homemade Skin Savers For Winter

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Winter is here and it is time to change your skin caremethods and follow according to the season. The skin tends to get more dry, dull, wrinkled and flaky. No matter what you wear, the inner glow or the youthful appearance is missing. Today, we will unreveal a few beauty secrets to achieve a baby soft skin. Take a look.

Top 5 Homemade Skin Savers For Winter – Winter Skin Care

1. Homemade Facial Cleanser - Lemon (1 tsp) and yogurt (2 tsps) mixture itself can neatly cleanse your face (chemical free). The mixture can be applied and massaged in circular motion for 10 minutes and then rinsed with warm water. The fruit and lactic acids in the homemade cleanser open pores, remove dirt and make skin clear and fresh.

Sugar Facial Cleanser: Fine sugar crystals are added to a teaspoon of honey with any citrus fruit. Massaging the mixture the same as above and then cleaning face with water will purify skin.

2. Winter Toner – Lemon juice mixed with water or apple cider vinegar can be an excellent face toner. Apply the toner with the help of a cotton ball and rinse well with cold water. A cucumber juice, aloe vera gel mixed with water and chamomile tea concoction are also good homemade toners.

3. Natural Moisturiser – An oil based moisturiser can prevent skin dryness during winter. Melting shea butter or cocoa butter with virgin olive oil and stirring a teaspoon of aloe vera and vanilla essence can be a wonderful moisturiser for winter.

4. Exfoliation Recipe – To remove the dead skin from face, you would require exfoliation. A mixture of cornflakes (coarsely ground) with honey and milk can be an effective recipe.

5. Winter Skin Care Lotion – To keep away wrinkles and lines during winter, you can prepare an anti aging lotion yourself. Blend a mixture of cucumber, avocado, mint, jojoba oil, pinch of benzoin and distilled water into a fine paste and strain the mixture. Store it in a bottle or a container and your anti aging lotion is ready.

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