Measures To Prevent Blackheads from Occurring

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Measures To Prevent Blackheads from Occurring

  • Clean your skin particularly your face using a mild cleanser twice a day. Do not scrub your face with a rough scour pad and do not use an astringent except for on very oil spots.

  • Drink lots of water. Body needs water in order to allow rejuvenation of the skin.

  • Use a clean towel after washing your face. Every woman should use three different towels: the first one for the body, the second one for the intimate hygiene and the third towel for the face.

  • Use antibacterial soaps like neem soaps.

  • Avoid stress as it adds to your skin problems. It triggers your oil glands to be more productive thus giving chances for pores to be clogged.

  • Apply minimum make-up to your skin and let your skin breathe.

  • Try to avoid eating any junk food. Taking a healthy diet will make you less prone to blackheads.

  • Keeping the skin as clean as possible, washing away excess oil build up and dead skin particles is the best start. Choose a mild and gentle cleansing lotion to avoid drying out the skin. Also try to use a gentle exfoliater to shift the old skin cells away.

  • Change your pillowcase as often as possible. The oil produced by your hair follicles can accumulate on the pillowcase and then get to your face skin, which can cause blackheads and acnes.

  • Take care of the areas where you can get the most blackheads and make sure that you watch or treat them little more thoroughly. One of the areas that people generally don’t pay much attention to when getting blackheads is their nose, nose can be one of the most infected areas simply cleanse it thoroughly.

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