Makeup Tricks: How to Stain-Proof Your Lipstick

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Your lipstick stains… (Sounds only good in the song) Also, it only looks good in ads and movies where girls have their lip stains over someone’s cheeks or coffee mugs. But in reality, it can be quite annoying for the other person as well as embarrassing for you.

We all have tissue papers at home, and use them to get rid of the oiliness under our eyes and nose, and see instant results! Similarly, tissues can be used for making your lipstick stain proof! All you need is a powder brush, a tissue paper and a loose powder! This trick also instantly mattifies the lipstick and the loose powder helps it stay on the lip for longer.

While bold reds, deep plums and bright corals look very flattering, we often tend to apply a little extra product on to our lips which can make them look uneven and cakey. This technique will help you get evenness in the colour!

A great loose dusting powder would be the NYX HD finishing powder which is really affordable and lasts long. A more expensive option would be the Laura Mercier translucent setting powder which is used for under eye baking as well. It’s expensive however it can last you a very long time so if you want to invest in a VERY good quality loose powder, Laura Mercier is your answer!


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