Herbal homemade remedies to grow long and beautiful nails

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A woman looks absolutely ravishing with long polished and nicely shaped nails. You can get long and shiny nails with little effort and patience. If you have always wanted long and beautiful nails but never worked hard for it, here are some tips on how to grow nails:

1. Gelatin is one of the most popular food which helps in growing nails. Gelatin is generally used in dessert which of course cannot be taken every day. Therefore you can take gelatin in capsule form but do consult your physician before taking it as the physician should be able to recommend you a good gelatin capsules.

2. If your nails are really short and brittle then you are lacking calcium. Include calcium supplements in your diet and eat fresh fruits and vegetables which promote nail growth.

3. If you wish for long nails and still bite your nails then stop this habit right now. Nail biting is unhygienic and constant biting damages the nails too.
4. If you have yellowish tint on your nails, scrape the surface of the nail with finest grain side of an emery board .This will prevent the nail from getting damaged.
5. To get rid of yellowish nails add baking soda to water and soak your fingers in them for 15 minutes or rub chamois leather.
6. For brittle nails take 1tsp gelatin and dissolve it in boiling water .Let it get cool and add some fruit juice in it. Apply it on your nails with help of cotton balls.
7. Massage your nails with olive oil every day. This increases the blood flow and promotes nail growth.
8. You can buy a good quality massaging lotion and massage your palms, fingers and nails gently with it.
9. Don’t use any harsh chemicals on your nails. If you use detergent and cleaner on bare hands then make sure you wash it off with water thoroughly.
10. Soak your hand in lemon juice or rub a piece of lemon on them every day to get rid of yellowish nails.
11. Don’t push your cuticles every now and then and trim nails regularly to promote faster growth.

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