Gangraped in Lockdown

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“I’ll be there for you, If you ever need some help, Just give me a call” She must have heard these lines coming out from him for like 100 times and when She finally trusted him, She got gangraped.

Here’s what happened in Dumka Jharkhan on Thursday. A 16 years old girl was coming home because her hostel was closed due to lockdown. Her friend from hostel dropped her at Karuidh area. The girl then contacted her father to asked him to pick her up but due to lockdown her father couldn’t reach there on time, So she called one of her friends and asked him to drop her home. He picked the girl up and told her that they should take the shortcut through forest because police is checking the vehicles due to lockdown. He stopped near Gadiyapani in the jungle and when she asked what happened l, He said he needs to pee. After that the guy called her friends and they took turn to rape the girl. Just imagine the pain of the girl, There were 9 of them and She was alone. They left her alone in the jungle after she got unconscious.

What was her fault? To trust a friend, I mean Friendship is said to be the purest relationship ever and these morons ruined that for her and I think NO GIRL OUT THERE SHOULD TRUST ANYONE BLINDLY. I know what I’m saying might offend people but It’s for your own safer. Don’t trust anyone out there.

After gaining consciousness on friday morning, She somehow managed to reach the main road, The people who helped her and put her in the hospital said she was literally crawling her way back on the road. The FIR was lodged in Gopikandar Police Station and an SIT has been constituted for investigation. My heart goes out for the girl and her family. I hope you get the courage to go through it. She is currently admitted in a hospital in critical condition. Let’s pray for her quick recovery. I don’t know what else to say. Girls aren’t even safe during lockdown.

I hope she recovers soon to watch her rapists get what they deserve. Please pray for her 😭♥️ . Share the post for Awareness. Comment your views. .

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