Did You Know That A Mother Admitted Killing Her Baby For Interrupting Her…

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Facebook games can be really obsessive and we all have seen their effect on friends and relatives. However, in some cases this obsession becomes uncontrollable. The 22-year-old Alexandra Tobias killed her own baby because he disturbed her while she was playing Farmville. The woman lives in Jacksonville, Florida, and she pleaded guilty for murdering her 3 months old baby. She told the police that the baby was crying while she was playing the popular Facebook game. She took her son and shook him, then smoked a cigarette and shook him again. Alexandra suggested that the baby “most probably had hit his head during the shaking”. The crime is considered a second-degree murder and the mother is threatened by a life sentence.

Over 75 million Facebook users are known to play Farmville : they grow and harvest crops, and take care of animals. It is concerning that a great part of these players are actually obsessed with the game as Alexandra’s case shows.


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