5 Interesting Facts About Dreaming

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1. Five minutes after you wake up, half of your dream is already gone. Ten minutes later you have forgotten 90% of it.

2. Blind people also dream. Those who weren’t born blind but lost their sight later can see pictures and faces in their dreams and the ones born blind don’t see any images but also have brisk dreams including their senses of smell, touch, sound and emotion.

3. We don’t dream of strangers. Human mind can’t invent faces so it uses some of the hundreds of thousands we have seen during our lives. Most of these people we probably don’t know or even remember but we have actually seen them at some point.

4. Animals dream, too. Studies reveal that animals show the same brain waves when sleeping and having a dream as do humans. Watch your dog or cat during its sleep – it is likely to move its paws at it is running or make sounds at it is hunting down something in its dream.

5. Body Paralysis. The REM stage (Rapid Eye Movement) of sleep is described with rapid movement of the eyelids. Normally, the REM stage takes 1.5-2 hours of an adult human’s night sleep. There is a mechanism in the human brain that paralyzes the physical body preventing it from moving when a movement occurs in the dream. However, there is a possibility that this mechanism starts operating any time before or during normal sleep or even when you’re already up but the brain is still awakening.


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